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MedArt SmartSculpt LipoLaser

Body Contouring, Enhanced

Streamline fat reduction and skin tightening with the MedArt SmartSculpt Laser. Specially designed for dermatologists and plastic surgeons, this system ensures precise, minimally invasive treatments with superior patient comfort and clinical results.

MedArt SmartSculpt Laser device for advanced liposuction treatments, featuring precision technology and user-friendly interface for effective body contouring and fat reduction

Minimally Invasive Approach

Reduce recovery time and increase patient satisfaction

Precision with Built-in Power Meter

Achieve consistent and precise results with every treatment.

Compact and Portable Design

Bring advanced sculpting technology right where you need it.

Body & Facial Contouring Demands Expert Precision

Settling for inferior technology can compromise patient outcomes and your clinic’s reputation.

Advance Your Body & Facial Contouring Capabilities

Discover how our targeted laser technology improves precision, enhances patient comfort, and streamlines your cosmetic procedures.

QSC Feature
Protect Your Investment

Keep your operations running efficiently with the Quick Service Connect feature, which ensures your laser is always ready for action. This easy maintenance solution helps reduce downtime and service costs, allowing you to focus on patient results.

Automatic Audio Feedback for Optimal Precision

Utilize audio feedback for precise energy application during treatments. This ensures that each session delivers energy accurately, enhancing both the effectiveness and safety of body contouring procedures.

Sculpt and Tighten with Every Pulse

Maximize the impact of each treatment session with our laser’s ability to perform lipolysis and skin tightening simultaneously. This dual-function approach not only enhances the aesthetic outcomes but also increases treatment efficiency, offering patients visible improvements with fewer visits.

Targeted Contouring for Enhanced Aesthetic Outcomes

Utilize the SmartSculpt Laser for precise, minimally invasive treatments across key facial and neck areas.

Contour and Sculpting

Achieve defined aesthetics with our precise contouring capabilities. Perfect for sculpting desired body profiles, reducing unwanted fat, and enhancing natural features.

Lower Cheek & Jowls Tightening

Tighten and lift the lower cheeks and jowls. The SmartSculpt Laser effectively reduces sagging skin and softens the appearance of jowls for a rejuvenated facial contour.

Chin & Submental Refinement

Reduce submental fullness and refine the chin area. Our targeted treatments help sculpt a more defined jawline, enhancing facial symmetry and balance.

Neck Contouring

Smooth and tighten neck skin. Ideal for addressing crepey skin and enhancing neck profile, our laser treatments provide lasting results with minimal downtime.

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Customize Your Laser with Specialized Handpieces

Explore our range of accessories to expand treatment capabilities and tailor your services to meet diverse patient needs.

A 100mm blunt cannula, a long metal rod. Perfect for MedArt SmartSculpt Laser, specialized for clinics and hospitals

Blunt 100mm Cannula

MedArt ILVO Diode Laser Bare Fiber for precise laser delivery in vascular treatments

Bare Fiber

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Technical Specifications

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4.5 kg // 9.92 lbs

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300 x 270 x 170 mm

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Meets rigorous standards with CE 0459 certification ensuring top-tier safety and quality.

FAQ Section

The SmartSculpt laser stands out due to its dual-action technology that allows for simultaneous lipolysis and skin tightening. This integration means more effective treatments in less time, enhancing both patient satisfaction and treatment throughput.

Yes, the SmartSculpt laser is designed to be versatile and effective across a wide range of body types. Its settings can be customized to suit different skin and body profiles, ensuring optimal results for each individual patient.

Patients typically begin to see noticeable improvements shortly after their first treatment. Optimal results generally develop over several sessions, with the full effect visible within a few months as the body naturally processes and removes fat cells.

We provide comprehensive training that includes hands-on sessions, video tutorials, and detailed manuals. Our goal is to ensure that your team is fully confident in using the SmartSculpt laser, from setup to post-treatment care.

Absolutely. The SmartSculpt laser is designed to complement and enhance existing treatment protocols. It can be seamlessly integrated into your practice, adding value to your current service offerings without disrupting established procedures.

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