Management buy-out

On December 1, 2017, the Danish management team acquired MedArt A/S. After 8 years ownership by Energist Group (UK), MedArt is again a fully owned Danish company located in Copenhagen.

MedArt offers proven outcomes through proven laser technology

… to the benefit of patients

A Danish Company with an International Profile

MedArt A/S develops, manufactures and markets a wide selection of high quality medical laser equipment. The company was founded in 1979 and throughout the years all activities have been guided by a vision: “to create advanced medical lasers for the benefit of the daily work in the medical field.” The MedArt office is located in Copenhagen where R&D, Production and Sales & Marketing are based.

Ever since the beginning, MedArt A/S has strived to develop innovative and cutting-edge technology with emphasis on compact, high performance equipment. This has been achieved by a creative and dedicated R&D team – and led to the production of several cost-effective and innovative solutions in the field of aesthetic surgery.

Present world wide

The wide range of products are distributed worldwide. MedArt A/S is also involved in OEM and Private Label projects utilizing our technology to enhance the product portfolio of a number of well-known manufacturers within the laser field.

Complete product range

It is the ambition of MedArt A/S to market a complete range of laser products for dermatological/surgical use. Today, our product range spands from 532nm over 810nm, 980nm and 1470nm to 10600nm wavelengths.

This versatile range provide physisians with quality lasers for popular laser treatments such as Hair Removal, Skin Resurfacing, Vascular/Pigmented Lesions, Endovenous procedures as well as laser lipolysis. The MedArt® range of high-power laser systems combined with the MedArt® range of scanners provide a unique tool for energy control combined with aggressive contact cooling.

High production standards

Being a manufacturer of advanced surgical equipment, all products are naturally manufactured in strict accordance with international standards; all products are CE marked and in compliance with the regulatory requirements of the EEC Medical Device Directive.

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Who we are

MedArt A/S
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