Our Products

FRx Intenz CO2

Unlock the potential of advanced skincare with MedArt FRx Intenz CO2—the ultimate CO2 laser system boasting unique scanning tech for fractional or full ablation treatments. Backed by over 40 years of expertise, MedArt experts have crafted a compact and portable laser product that delivers fast, safe, and customizable treatments.


Experience the future of body sculpting with the MedArt SmartSculptTM diode laser. This compact, table-top-sized powerhouse introduces a new era in safe, effective, and efficient treatments for assisted lipolysis, hyperhidrosis, and contouring.


Embark on a revolutionary journey with the ILVO Diode Laser—an advanced system meticulously engineered for optimal comfort, safety, speed, and effectiveness in varicose vein treatments. A dependable, portable, user-friendly laser solution that demands minimal maintenance, providing a cost-effective approach to treating diverse venous insufficiencies.


Unveiling the VariMed: a compact powerhouse merging laser precision, 3D scanning, and cooling tech. Revolutionize vascular lesion, leg vein, and hair removal treatments with surgical precision—all in one portable package.


Introducing NeoNail, the diode laser system designed for tackling onychomycosis—the prevalent fungal infection affecting fingernails and toenails. With over 40 years of expertise, MedArt experts have meticulously crafted this portable and precise laser system to provide a safe and efficient treatment for the most common nail disease in adults. Elevate your nail care with NeoNailTM.