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MedArt VariMed Laser

Comprehensive Laser Solution

Master complex vascular conditions with the MedArt VariMed Laser. Designed to tackle a wide range of venous issues, this system integrates advanced laser technology with a 3D scanner and cooling system for enhanced precision, efficacy, and patient comfort.

MedArt VeriMed Laser System - Advanced medical laser technology for precise treatments, featuring user-friendly interface and superior performance

Immediate Results

See visible improvements right after treatment

Precision with Built-in Power Meter

Deliver exact and reliable treatments consistently.

Compact and Portable Design

Easily transport and deploy technology anywhere

Suboptimal Equipment Risks Patient Outcomes and Clinic Reputation

Ensure excellence in every procedure with VariMed’s superior precision and adaptability.

Enhance Your Laser Treatment Results

Explore how VariMed’s specialized features improve accuracy, patient comfort, and operational efficiency.

Broad Coverage with Precision

Leverage the VariMed’s 3D scanner that efficiently covers a 5.7cm2 treatment area, allowing for broader, more precise treatments with fewer passes. This advanced scanning technology ensures thorough coverage and uniform results in every procedure.

Streamlined Maintenance and Protection

Maintain peak performance with the Quick Service Connect (QSC) Safety Feature, which protects your laser console and simplifies routine maintenance. This feature decreases potential downtime, enhancing clinic throughput and care continuity.

Optimized Patient Comfort and Safety

Ensure patient comfort and reduce treatment risks with VariMed’s integrated contact cooling system. This critical feature actively cools the treatment area, minimizing thermal damage and enhancing patient safety during procedures.

Comprehensive Treatment Capabilities

Effectively target a wide range of vascular and skin conditions with the VariMed laser, enhancing both aesthetics and patient wellbeing.

Telangiectasia and Venectasia Management

Precisely treat fine vascular lesions with our laser, minimizing skin trauma and promoting faster healing.

Rosacea Redness and Flushing Control

Reduce the appearance of rosacea-related redness and flushing, offering patients noticeable skin improvement.

Port Wine Stain Lightening

Lighten port wine stains significantly, enhancing skin aesthetics with consistent, visible results after each session.

Venous Lake Solutions

Treat venous lakes with precision and care, restoring natural skin texture and preventing further vascular anomalies.

Transcutaneous Leg Vein Treatments

Utilize non-invasive methods to treat leg veins effectively, enhancing patient comfort and reducing recovery time.

Spider Vein Eradication

Efficiently eliminate unsightly spider veins, restoring clear and uniform skin tone with minimal discomfort.

Reticular Veins Treatment

Address deeper reticular veins with effective, controlled laser energy, ensuring thorough care with excellent outcomes.

Hemangioma Reduction

Safely reduce hemangiomas, improving skin appearance with targeted, gentle laser pulses.

Fine Varicose Vein Correction

Target fine varicose veins with pinpoint accuracy, alleviating discomfort and improving leg appearance.

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Customize Your Laser with Specialized Handpieces

Explore our range of accessories to expand treatment capabilities and tailor your services to meet diverse patient needs.

Handheld MedArt VeriMed Laser System ergonomic scanner being used for precise and effective skin treatment

Ergonomic Scanner

with Contact Cooling.

MedArt VeriMed Laser System vascular handpiece with various precision accessories for customizable and effective vascular treatments

Vascular Handpiece Accessories

1.2 mm, 2.5 mm, 4.0 mm spot size.

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Technical Specifications

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18 kg // 39.68 lbs

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580 x 460 x 160 cm

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Meets rigorous standards with CE 0459 certification and FDA approval, ensuring top-tier safety and quality.

FAQ Section

The VariMed laser uniquely combines a precision 3D scanner and an effective cooling system with a versatile laser platform, allowing it to treat a wide range of vascular and skin conditions more effectively and comfortably than standard lasers.

es, the VariMed is designed for versatility and can treat everything from fine spider veins to larger venous lakes and port wine stains, making it a comprehensive solution for vascular treatments.

Most treatments with the VariMed laser involve minimal to no downtime, allowing patients to return to their daily activities immediately after the procedure.

The built-in cooling system of the VariMed laser minimizes discomfort during treatments by maintaining a soothing temperature at the treatment site, enhancing patient comfort throughout the procedure.

MedArt provides extensive training for all new VariMed users, covering operation, safety, and best practices. Ongoing support is also available to ensure your clinic achieves the best results with continuous access to our expertise.

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